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Privacy Policy

    Welcome to Chiayi Performing Art Center!

    You are welcome to link to the information posted on this website. Reproduction, duplication or dissemination must be approved with prior written request. To enable you to use all services and measures provided on this website more comfortably, the following is an introduction to the privacy and safety policy of this website:

    Scope of application

    The following privacy policy applies to the collection, utilization and protection of personal information involved when you use this website, but does not apply to other government authority websites or other websites linked through this website. For all linked websites, regardless of whether they are run by our center, our center does not take any collateral responsibilities since they have their own exclusive privacy policies. Therefore, when you use these websites, their privacy policies should apply in terms of personal data protection.

    Collection and utilization of personal data

    For simply browsing or file downloading, this website of our center does not collect any personal identification information.

    When using all application services provided by this website, the applicant is required to provide personal information, which varies case by case. Responsible facilitators may ask you to provide information like your name, national ID, contact phone number, e-mail, address, among other up-to-date and authentic personal information.

    Whenever you express your opinions or make inquiries about related business operations through e-mail or the service mail box, we will keep your communication record, only so we can contact you.

    The website server will record the IP site of the user, net surfing time, and web pages on this website browsed, etc. These data are to be provided to the internal website administration authority for overall quantitative analysis on the website flow and online behavioral surveys in order to enhance service quality. It simply tallies and analyzes the behavior of all users and is not individual user-specific.

    Our center is obligated to protect the privacy of all applicants. Without your approval, we will not unilaterally modify or delete any of your personal information and file unless:  

    • You have violated any of the website requirements, such as cursing or used offensive speech on the message bulletin.
    • To protect or guard related personal rights or ownership.
    • To protect rights of all parties involved in this website.

    Our center will never arbitrarily sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal data to other groups, personal or private enterprises unless:

    • To work with the judicial authority in legal investigation
    • To work with related responsible authorities in necessary investigation or utilization
    • Such disclosure is believed to be good-will and legally necessary or such management is to maintain and improve services provided on the website.